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Healthy Counseling Center of Spokane

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Coaching for physicians is a specialty of Healthy Counseling Center in Spokane and home of the best Doctor’s Coach. The mission is to prevent and heal relationship problems with God, self and others. Doctors maintain an “advice market status” in relationships with colleagues, employees, patients, neighbors and acquaintances, so doctors need a safe place to be human, vulnerable, and supported, around high stress and on-call medical scheduled lives.

Spiritually, physicians need reliance upon their faith to cope with stressors. Emotionally, they need respect for the person in the mirror. Relationally, they need resilience to make and keep healthy connections with others.

In your practice, you want clarity on your patients’ diagnosis, treatment plan and follow-up. In your coaching, you benefit with clarity on what’s unhealthy in relationships, what’s a proven protocol toward health, and what’s needed to continue the results you want.

You want guidance on your journey, so your life keeps earning the kinds of “grades” consistent with the ones you earned during your education.

As a life-long learner, you’re already a proven winner at growth, healing, and success.

The Healthy Counseling Center in Spokane (like “M*A*S*H”) provides the best care anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me some idea of cost, even if it’s a range?
Yes, due to your already tight schedule, you might want coaching in concise segments, which costs less than people needing a lot of support throughout the week; therefore, prices range from $1,257 per month to $2,997, paid in advance.
Be honest with me. What are the potential issues with this approach?
Fear; fear of the unknown and fear of failure are the most frequent. Other people fear changing, failing, or receiving disapproval from those who are important to them.
How does this compare to other options and competitors?
Physicians Coaching with Dr. Ray has no comparison or competition: he earned his second doctorate at age 33, and has been teaching and coaching since 1976. Other options include time-consuming “do-it-yourself” training and development — on the positive side; an expensive continuing what doesn’t work at home or in the office — on the negative side.
What are others saying about this product or service?
No names are permitted to preserve confidentiality:

  1. “We can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us to help us take this next step in our lives. We will always remember your advice and guidance.”
  2. 2016 Patients’ Choice winner
  3. 2017 Best of Spokane winner
Physician Heal Thyself

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