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Coaching Programs

You are busy. Adding anything to your schedule, even self-care or a dental appointment, can feel overwhelming.
Adding a coaching call might be the last thing you would prioritize.
If you need some encouragement and tools dealing with your stresses, what would you think of:

  • a ten-minute telephone call while you are commuting?
  • video chats during your waiting time at soccer practice?
  • unlimited access to coaching through texts and emails you could fit into down time?
  • one-month intensive coaching program for a lot of growth in a compressed time?
  • CME credits tailored to your schedule and practice?

The reason I offer physicians coaching programs in 30-day, 90-day, 6-month and 12-months is because you don’t need a cookie-cutter plan for growth and development. You need something uniquely designed to help you get where you want to go. If you went to Nordstrom today to buy a new suit, you would try on something approximately your size, then you would stand in front of a mirror while a tailor took measurements and customized the suit to exactly fit you. If you want a coaching program which fits you and your schedule, then your program should be tailored for you personally.
The sleeves on your suit might have to be let out a little bit and the trousers trimmed a little bit. Your coaching might have to include more about relationships at home and at the office, and less about stress and anxiety.

If you would like a free telephone consultation to determine best fit, then please call Dr. Ray’s cell phone at 509.795.0131.

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